Zenfolio | Ivan Muller Photography | Italy Street

'Street' photographs that were made in Florence & Venice in 2007. I used a small compact 'point & shoot' camera and I processed the files to resemble Kodak's TriX fast film.

The photographs are contrasty & grainy and because of the small sensor camera the maximum print size is about 13x19 inches on inkjet paper but they can be printed larger on canvas.

The photographs can be viewed full screen by clicking on the 'SLIDESHOW' icon on the top right hand part of this page
Street scene, Florence Italy 2007Bicycle, Florence Italy 2007Woman & Gondolier, Venice Italy 2007Window display, Florence Italy 2007Weathered Facade, Venice Italy 2007tourists, Florence, Italy 2007Tourist on Vaporetto, Venice, Italy 2007Teenagers Kissing, Florence, Italy 2007Street, Venice Italy 2007Staircase, Venice Italy 2007Sotoportego Del Spiron D'Oro, Venice Italy 2007Shadows & Bicycle, florence Italy 2007Old & Weathered Facade, Venice, Italy 2007Interior architecture, Florence Italy 2007Gypsey, Florence Italy 2007Graffiti, Florence , Italy 2007Gargoyle, Venice, Italy 2007Female Sculpture, Palazzo Pitti, florence ItalyFacade & brick wall, Venice Italy 2007Door, Florence Italy 2007